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The Workspace Marketplace

We are launching sooN!

The easy way to book desks, meeting rooms and offices for today’s flexible workforce.

Whether you need to rent a desk for the day, hire a private office for a longer-term, or perhaps need to book a conference room for your next big event, take a look at how Spare Desk could help you find all the options near you.

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Launching soon!

Our clients say

Keith Tucker, Owner of Haydon Finch Construction, London
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With multiple locations at any one time our site managers and QS team are regularly running about having to work in building sites…

Spare Desk allows them to plan and book a desk or office… they are more productive and they are a much happier bunch!”


The Spare Desk app hosts a range of workspaces, including but not limited to:

Hassle-free listing and booking wherever you are

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Listing and booking unseen spaces

What sets us apart is that we provide unseen workspaces in your area, as well as the already marketed spots.

Did you know your local high street accountancy firm has a desk free? Did you know one of your neighbours has a garden office you could be using? These are the options no other platform provides.

Our clients say

Zsike Peter, Founder of Vampire Digital
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During the pandemic, we converted our garden room to an office.

My husband and I both have our own businesses and needed a quiet space to work providing some separation between family time and work time. We are now hybrid working and Spare Desk has allowed us the opportunity to monetise this space when we are not using it – no other platform does this!”

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Doing The Right Thing For The Environment And For Your Work-Life Balance

The Government has introduced many schemes to reduce emissions including interest-free train tickets, discounted bus tickets, cycle to work and electric-only company car schemes, but they haven’t tackled the problem at a core level – reducing the need for lengthy work commutes!

We are truly committed to helping reduce CO2 emissions, and we are challenging big employers, MPs and the government to introduce a ‘Flexible Work Allowance Scheme’ to allow you to work from your local office even more cost-effectively and with ease.

Our clients say

David Kirkpatrick, Founder of TRIA recruitment
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For us to be able to offer, not just the best service to our customers but the best environment to our talented employees it is crucial to have access to desks and office when and where we need it.”

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Supporting Charities

The new ‘work from home where possible’ trend brings more challenges for those at risk of domestic abuse and those support services who are there to help them.

Women’s aid and Refuge are both at the forefront of shaping and coordinating responses to domestic abuse and we have made a commitment to support both charities in doing this by donating a number of room or desk bookings for free to Women’s Work Lab.

Our clients say

Camilla Rigby, Co-founder of Women’s Work Lab
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Working from home is not the solution for everyone.

Commuting less of course helps with school runs, the right work-life balance and saves money. But what about women in an abusive environment, or simply in shared accommodation, small studio flats? We regularly see women persisting with difficult work situations that can have very detrimental effects on their Mental health. Spare Desk offered their free service to help us protect hundreds of women!”